Simple Spring Looks using Pinks and Golds

Pinks and Golds are some of our favorite shades for the spring and summer! Ranging from soft and natural to bright and bold, there is a plethora of hues to choose from to fit your mood or occasion.

Here are two tutorials that walk you through some of our favorite ways to sport pinks and golds:

Gold Goddess

This glamorous gold look is a simple one to achieve, and truely makes you feel like royalty. gold beauty

Step 1: Using a firm shadow brush, apply Versatile powder #31 Gold Brick across the lid.

Step 2: To intensify this natural gold color on the lids, dampen your firm shadow brush slightly with distilled water and dip your brush head back into the #31 versatile powder. Tap off the excess powder on your brush and begin applying this dampened powder to your lids along your lash line, buffing it into the  ball of the eye and outer corner.

Step 3: With an angled liner brush, apply Versatile #31 Gold brick as a liner to the bottom lids.

Step 4: Using your firm shadow brush again,  high light below the brow with a delicate application of versatile powder #34 Honeysuckle.

Step 5: Line the top and bottom lids with Black Vegan eyeliner.

Step 6: Apply Face Illuminizer #403 Radiant to the cheeks for a natural, sun-kissed  glow. Finish this beautiful gold look off with toned-down Nude Vegan Lipstick #157 Brandy.

Pink & Gold FullSizeRender (58)

This look is nice for the day or evening and combines hues of gold, salmon, peach, and hot pink for a subtle gilded look.

Step 1: Apply #404 Glimmer to the entire lid as a base.

Step 2: Buff a dry application of Versatile powder #70 Gold Salmon on top of the Glimmer, across the lid.

step 1 close up one eye


Step 3: Next, apply a thin layer of  Versatile mineral powder #86 Bordeaux to your firm shadow brush and begin dabbing this color on, to the outer corner of the eye only. It is important to apply this color modestly. It is an intensely beautiful color, but can become overwhelming if too much is applied. Less is more!

step 2 86 outer corner

step 2 dab 86 on outer corner

Step 4: To bring out the gold tones in this look, begin Buffing a small amount of Versatile powder #51m Semi-Matte Bronze to the middle of the lid, lining up with the pupil.

step 3 51m applied to middle of lid 3

Step 5: High light the brow with Versatile powder #61m Semi-Matte white, and work this highlighter into the inner corner of the eye.

Step 6: Now, for the icing on the cake! Begin lightly applying Versatile mineral powder #62 Light Gold to the very inner corner of your eye. Continue to bring this color upward from the inner corner, arching around your crease and across the lid. This color should be applied in a line across the lid, below the application of #61m Semi matte white and just above where the other shades start in your crease.

step 4 & 5 62 applied obelow 61m (brow highlight)

step 4 & 5 full eyes shot

Step 7: To finish this look, Line the top and bottom lids with Vegan Espresso Eyeliner and add a touch of blush #70 gold Salmon to the cheeks. On the lips, apply #70 Versatile pastel and top it with #174 Pink Quartz Potted lip gloss for extra shine.

FullSizeRender (58)

finsihed look

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