Summer Setting Powders: Serecite vs Silica

Light and silky on the skin, Serecite and Silica both make excellent mineral setting powders for the summer

silicaApplied after foundation, these powders will aid in oil absorption throughout the day, as well as add a smooth, matte, finished touch to
your look. Both Serecite and Silica appear to have a white color while  in the jar, however, once applied to the skin they transform and become translucent. These gluten-free and vegan colorless mineral powders are the perfect blotting product for those hot and sticky summer days. They easily glide onto the skin leaving your face feeling soft, refreshed and clean.

Although Serecite and Silica seem similar in the jar, don’t be fooled! Silica is much more intense than the Serecite as far as its drying properties and should be used modestly on naturally heavy oil producing skin types. For normal to occasionally oily skin, we recommend Serecite, which is more mild and can be worn by all skin types alike.


Because these powders appear colorless on the skin, you can use your flat top foundation brush or a fluffier kabuki type brush to lightly dust them onto the face. Begin by dipping your brush head into the product and proceed to tap off any excess powder into your jar lid. Tapping off the extra powder is an essential step before touching the brush directly to your face and is the general rule of thumb when applying any loose mineral makeup product. A couple of swirls around in the lid will leave you with a thin even layer of product on your brush, and you are ready to apply!

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