There has been increasing questions about the safety of Titanium Dioxide in Mineral Makeup from our clients. So I took the time to do a little research and write a little expose on my findings and thoughts.

Yes, it is carcinogenic in vast quantities as it is a product that is used in commercial manufacturing such as paints, plastics, paper, food, medicine ( pills and tablets) and cat litter for odor control! The lungs would be highly impacted due to the particles flying around. In cosmetics and skin care, titanium dioxide (TiO2) is used in sunscreen, toothpaste and makeup, especially foundations. What is happening in the industry is the use of micronized TiO2 which affects the body on a sub cellular level. This can be found in sunscreens especially as it is used for babies and people with sensitive skin.

The study by IARC ( ) refer to the overexposure of Titanium Dioxide in lab rats:
 “high concentrations of pigment-grade (powdered) and ultrafine titanium dioxide dust caused respiratory tract cancer in rats exposed by inhalation and intratracheal instillation, (forcibly injecting Titanium Dioxide in their lungs). Therefore, the observations of cancer in animals were considered, by IARC, as relevant to people doing jobs with exposures to titanium dioxide dust. For example, titanium dioxide production workers may be exposed to high dust concentrations during packing, milling, site cleaning and maintenance, if there are insufficient dust control measures in place. However, it should be noted that the human studies conducted so far do not suggest an association between occupational exposure to titanium dioxide and an increased risk for cancer. “
We DO NOT use Micronized Titanium Dioxide in our products and we recommend a flat top brush which cuts down on the diffusion of the particles in the air, hence the excellent coverage you get, it all stays on the skin. We DO NOT use Bismuth Oxychloride, while it is classified a mineral, causes irritation to the skin with prolonged usage resulting in acneic skin.
Minerals, being from the earth, do contain metals but the amount is minuscule enough that it is negligible at best. We do not infuse extra metal based ingredients as is the case with deodorant. The culprit being Aluminum Salts such as  Aluminum Oxide.
I hope this shows you the care we take on the well being of our clients, our selves and our environment. Please take the time to review our mission, our philosophy and ingredient list  at this link: . We do FULL disclosure.


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