Vegan Cream to Powder Concealer

Continuing the tradition; a superior product, vegan and gluten-free, that combines nature’s most nourishing binders with Monave’s signature mineral foundation shades. The primary ingredient, harvested across the ocean in New Zealand, is organic, so you can trust what you are putting on your precious skin.

Monave’s C2P concealer offers the heaviest coverage with a light texture. It’s ideal and most popular with our customers, as an under-eye concealer. A tiny bit goes a long way, and we recommend applying with fingertips, as the warmth of your finger helps spread the product. It is made to order, pressed by hand. If you don’t see your shade, please let us know and we can make it for you. 
Ingredients: Organic meadow foam sea oil, caster oil, fractionated cocnut oil, candellila wax, jojobo oil, silica, serecite, vit. e (rice based). Color Ingredients: Titanium dioxide, iron oxides, mica, ultramarine blue. May Contain: zinc oxide, silica.
Price: $22.50  
Volume: 3 grams
Weight: 3 grams
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