4th of July Makeup Looks!

Fourth of July makeup tutorials are here! This year, we are excited to show you some of our favorite ways to sport red, white and blue makeup for Independence day. Ranging from spirited and sexy, to soft and natural, here are the steps to achieving these 100% natural, cruelty-free makeup looks:

20160617_232820 (2)Red, White & Blue Beauty

This 4th of July makeup look by the beautiful Ro, is a play on the traditional red white and blue theme. It has just enough color to make you feel like a patriotic goddess, while keeping it sophisticated and sexy.

Step 1: Apply versatile eye pastel #120 Charcoal Satin to the brows using short brush strokes with an angled brush.

Step 2: Apply #61m Semi Matte White pastel to the inner corner of the lid, arching it under the brow as a highlight. Blend in with fingertip.

20160617_232758 (2)

Step 3: Using your angled liner brush, apply versatile eye pastel #20 London Blue as a simple liner to the top and bottom lids.

Step 4 – Modified Wings: To complete the gorgeous modified wing Ro has done in the picture, break out your #20 London Blue versatile powder this time! With a wet angled liner brush, apply the London Blue powder in a foil application to add the wings.

20160617_232740 (2)

Step 5: On the cheeks, apply #15 Rustic Rose Versatile Pastel with your fingertip and blend it out.

20160617_232807 (2)

Step 6: Finish this all natural 4th of July makeup look with #86 Bordeaux lip gloss on the lips.

20160617_232622 (2)

Natural July 4th Makeup Look

This natural look is fun and simple for Independence day. It plays on some of the bright tones of red white and blue, while keeping it down to earth.

finished look close up

 Step 1: With a firm shadow brush, apply versatile powder #21 Crest lightly across the lids.

Step 2: Using a contour eye shadow brush, apply ultra-matte shadow #101 Teal Light starting at the inner corner of the eye, and buff it out around the inner ball of the eye and into the inner crease.

Step 3: Begin applying versatile powder Moondance #90 to the outer corner of the eye using your contour brush. Bring the color close to lash line and blend it up into a thin arc along the crease.

step 3 or 4 - apply 90 to outer corner of eye and outer ball of eye

Step 4: Line top and bottom lids with smokey blue eye liner. For added depth, apply a dry application of #20 London blue versatile powder over the smokey blue liner using an angled liner brush. If you don’t want to wear a red tone on your eyes, and want to stay simple, then this is a good stopping point for a blue/silver  look.

step 4 apply smokey blue liner to top and bottom lids. Apply 20 versatile with angled brush over liner - Copy

Step 5: Using a contour shadow brush, dab a small amount of versatile powder #85 Sienna onto the very outer corner of eye, starting at the lash line. Work this color into the outer corner of lid. Bring it up into the crease lightly, just below the line of #90 Moondance powder you applied earlier. This creates a slightly smokey effect around the red Sienna shadow.

second to last step - apply 85 over 90 and just below 90's crease

Step 6: Apply versatile powder #61m Semi Matte White under the brow and to the very inner corner of eye. Finish this natural look with black brown mascara and #503 Candy Apple lip glaze on the lips.

finsihed look inside lightfinished look 61m applied under brow and in inner corner of eye

Bold and Beautiful July 4th Makeup LookDAF973F1-A5B5-47AC-814F-8222423E4073 (2)

Learn how to easily replicate this fabulous bright and colorful look by one of our makeup artists, Dani, for a bold 4th of July makeover!

Step 1: Begin by applying all natural Mineral Foundation. Dani is wearing a 50/50 mix of Teporah and Canela Foundation, applied all over the face, using a short flat top foundation brush.

Step 2: Add contour to the face using our Vegan Concealer Crayons. Dani is wearing Brandy crayon applied with a flat top foundation brush, along the cheek bones, nose, and perimeter of her forehead. Kerrie crayon was applied with a sponge to her T-zone, center of her nose, and under her eyes. Use a flat top foundation brush to finish blending everything together.

Step 3: With an angled liner brush, Ultra-Matte shadow #111 Tierra Medium is applied to the brows. First, apply this color  as the outline and shape of the brow, in wet form using water to moisten the brush. Fill the brow in with a dry angled liner brush and powder application of Tierra Medium #111.

Step 4: With a baby buki brush, apply #303 Brandy Bronzer to the cheeks, around the forehead, and blend a quick dusting over the rest of the face.

Step 5: Now for the eyes! Apply Versatile powder #20 London Blue to the outer corner and crease of the eyes. Then, apply versatile powder #61m Semi-Matte white to the inner corner of the eyes, and under the brows. Using a flat, square liner brush, apply #55 Black Vegan Eye Pastel as a liner to the upper lids. Apply wings and line the bottom lids using versatile powder #85 Sienna with a short angled liner brush.

full face eye slightly closed - Copy

Step 6: Finish this look up with #167 Burnt Red vegan lipstick on the lips, and mascara on the lashes.

Dani's 4th of july look full face - Copy

Dani's 4th of july look full face

Share your own 4th of July makeup looks with us on instagram @monavemakeup  🙂

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