Beige & Gold Versatile Powders

When it comes to daily wear, shades of beige and gold are perfect for everyone. Our line of beige & gold versatile powders gives you the flexibility of natural or dramatic looks; however, you can also use these shades as a wash to bring out tones in other colors in our line. Brighten your eyelids with a dash of Honeysuckle or ramp up the sparkle with Light Gold. The child labor free mica in our mineral powders truly brings them to a new dimension of look and color.

Because beige and gold are such perfect make up colors to aid in look or transition, we also offer two alternative semi-mattes in this line. Semi-Matte Bronze and Semi-Matte Beige are perfect for more natural or understated looks, or to combine and layer with other colors for true dimension.

Our brand rises above others because all of our colors are lovingly handmade by us for our customers. Child free mica creates the bright shimmer in our stunning golds. We use organic and natural minerals free of toxins and irritants that will be kind to your skin. Indulge in our line of beige & gold versatile powders for every day looks or special events.

And our versatiles are, well – versatile! Because they can be used in a variety of ways, there is no wrong way to wear any of these colors. If you apply them dry, the child labor free mica gives your skin a dewy sparkle, but you can also apply them wet to bring out the layers of color for a bolder look or liner. For example, use an angled brush to apply Gold Brick for a truly dramatic eyeliner. You can do anything you dream with these stunning beige & gold versatile powders!

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