Child-Labor Free Cosmetic Mica Powders

Monave natural mica powders are a beautiful, natural selection of pigments that are free of dyes and carmine. These natural mica powders feature shades vary from semi-matte pearl to shimmer to sparkle, and can be used to create mineral eyeshadows, liners, blushes, glosses, lipsticks and shimmers. We believe less is more. Many mica suppliers blend raw pigments together to create colors, in this section of our store, we only present natural mica pigments that are the base colors you will need to formulate with. Wtih these shades, you can create hundreds of your own personalized natural makeup products.

What sets our natural mica powders apart from the myriad choices available on the market today? We purchase at the manufacturer level. This means we receive a certificate of safety with each and every batch. This is called an MSDS. We also receive a toxicological data sheet, which shows in detail, tested by a lab, the purity of the product. All natural mica pigments are coated to create their fantastic colors. They can be coated with iron oxides, titanium dioxide (which is what creates the pearlescence and sparkle, more so than the mica itself, which is considerd a low-luster pigment in the industry), ferric ferrocyanide, dyes, carmine, and more. We do not purchase/use any mica pigments coated with carmine or dyes. We also have moved all of our mica purchasing to a company who certifies that the mines used are child labor-free. As an ethical company, this is very important to us.

Our natural mica powders are the highest quality available on the market. What this means to you as a formulator, is that your finished product, whether its for you, your mom, or a customer, will also be of the highest quality. 50% of the quality of your product is based in your choice of materials, and you do get what you pay for when it comes to natural mineral powders. The more pigmented ones will absolutely cost more than the less pigmented ones.

If you have never used our natural mica poweders to create cosmetic products before, it would be best to begin with one of our DIY natural makeup kits. These kits offer a user-friendly portion of each of our pigments and micas, containers, jars, plus blending instructions. Monave also has online courses in making natural mineral makeup, as well as options for private consultations with the founder of Monave, to tweak your exisiting formulas, or provide assistance on your DIY makeup journey.

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