Economy Mineral Foundation

Monave’s newest Economy Mineral Foundation combines purity with economy.
Silky smooth texture and buildable coverage make up this alluring line. The no-fuss application is a perfect transition for women used to commercial and large brand cosmetics.
Ingredients are simple and skin-safe. The colors are true to life. Our Economy Mineral Foundation covers many skin tones. This includes Asian, Caucasian, and African-American skin tones.
Many lines claim to target black skin. However, they ignore the wide range of tones within this diverse ethnic group. The African diaspora is mixed with European, Native and Asian skin tones. Therefore, skin tones produce a huge range of possibilities. This line seeks to provide options for every beautiful face.
This Economy Line is also camera-ready for a modern world. Many people work from home now. Bright lamps, ring lights, and Zoom calls are a part of the day-to-day. Thus, we have re-thought how to wear makeup. Zinc oxide does not refract light. Thus, it gives skin a natural and balanced look. A low percentage of silica absorbs moisture and reduces shine to give a picture-perfect matte finish. In addition, our silica is responsibly mined in the USA.
We price Mineral Makeup by the Gram Foundations for anyone and everyone. As a result, we use no fancy packaging and no marketing materials. Just simple, pure products to use, share, or sell.
These foundations are perfect for sensitive skin. They contain the highest zinc oxide content and no titanium dioxide or micas. Monave products are free from bismuth oxychloride, paraben preservatives, dyes, carmine, and animal by-products. They are natural and organic.
In addition, they offer SPF protection.
All ingredients are compliant with EU regulations as outlined in Skin Deep, and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.


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