Dramatic Evening Eye Makeup Tutorial

There is nothing more seductive and sophisticated than dramatic evening eye makeup for the fall!raquel 4

Raquel wanted to learn how to make this look come to life. Here is a step by step guide on how to replicate this stunning dramatic evening eye she is wearing:

  1. Begin by priming your face and eyes with an application of your foundation shade. Raquel is wearing a blend of Toni and Alicia loose mineral foundation mixed into Rose Daily Moisturizer that is applied to her face and eyes.
  2. In the inner corner of the eye, apply ultra matte #110 Tierra Light with versatile powder #61m Semi-Matte raquel 2White overlaid.
  3. On the outer corner of the lid and contour area, apply ultra matte #112 Tierra Dark. On top of the #112, apply versatile powder #53 Cocoa.
  4. Apply a touch of versatile powder  #75 Mamba above the iris of the eye, and apply versatile powder #42 Khaki across lid.
  5. Use Black cream to powder on the top and bottom lid as a liner. Also apply the black lightly  to the brows. With an angled liner brush, apply  versatile powder #89 Mermaid overlaid on the bottom lid as a dry liner application.
  6. Finish up with a highlight of versatile powder #61m semi-matte white under brow.  To top off this beautiful look, Raquel is wearing a touch of  #15 Rustic Rose blush on her cheeks and Vegan Lip Glaze #164 Petticoat on her lips.

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