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At Monave we understand how difficult it can be to shop for makeup online. So we have created easy samplers, 10 samples for $10.00. These sampler sets are grouped in order from light to dark, with a variety of shade options in each set. This is perfect if you don’t know your undertone, but can state whether you are light, light medium, dark etc.

Monave makes mineral makeup shades for all complexions, including unique blends between Caucasian, Latin, and Asian skin tones. We also feature a large number of shades for women within the African diaspora, including Jamaica and Trinidad. Because we feature so many shades, our namings such as ‘light’ and ‘light-medium’ are more accurate. Most companies denominate medium, as typical within the Caucasian shade range, but within the complete range of skintones in the U.S, medium it typical for Middle Eastern, Latin, South Asian, and mixed-race or light-skinned African Americans.

If you are Caucasian and considered “medium” in other lines, we recommend choosing the light-medium set. Medium-toned African American women (think Michelle Obama) should try the Medium-Dark set, and African, African American, or Island women with chocloate complexions should try the Dark Set. Don’t forget to pick your six dollar worth of free products! Just browse the site and list your free samples in the comments area of your order.

Free samples are do not include mineral foundation. It includes any other powdered product:blush, bronzer, ultra mattes, versatile mineral makeup powders, illuminzers, and body shimmers, setting powders.

Monave’s gluten free makeup is especially handmade for better coverage, which means a brush without firmness will not spread the makeup properly. Think spreading cold butter on sandwich breach with a plastic knife! So, we recommend trying the sample set in the drop down menu that includes are super soft, firm, vegan makeup makeup foundation brush. it’s cute and portable and will do a great job of applying your natural foundation.

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This sample set includes: Yolanda: This mineral foundation has a yellow undertone for African-American women with “caramel” colored complexion, also excellent for Indian, Malaysian, Latina and Thai women. Beverly: A mineral foundation shade of rich caramel-brown ...