Mmmmm! Let’s set the scene…. snow falling softly outside as you lounge in front of the fireplace of an exclusive ski lodge, sipping a decadent cup of hot Verona chocolate. Bliss! Back in the real world, chocolate eye shadows with golden highlights is a hot look for this winter! So off I went to my private playroom to find the colors that would express this look in all it’s glory! We have a few browns in our line but the one color that stood out was #77 Driftwood. The rich brown with golden undertones embodied the decadence of good chocolate. To offset this rich color I went for #31 Gold, the combo was amazing!

Armed with my Oval Fluff eye shadow brush I proceeded to put the look together. After lining the eye with Espresso eye liner I applied the Driftwood from the corner to the middle of the eye lid. Be careful to get the excess shadow off the fluff brush before applying as it could get messy. After applying the Driftwood, dip lightly in Gold eye shadow and apply to outer lid and brow bone. Blend to create a seamless transition of color. Voila! A beautiful Golden Chocolate look!

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