Monave Makeup Tutorial: Beautiful Dark Skin Model

1. Step 1: Julian’s foundation is a custom blend of Charlene foundation, and Tierra Dark Ultra Matte Shadow. This is a common blend for African, and Carribbean women, who have blue undertones along the jaw.
julianne tutorial photo 1

2. Step 2: After shaking the two shades together in a separate container, the foundation was thoroughly buffed into her skin, using the flat-top foundation brush. Many darker-skinned women enjoy the look of mixing their blends right into their moisturizer. This provides a very natural finish with no ashiness.
julianne tutorial photo 2

3. Step 3:  Versatile mineral powder #31 Gold was gently swept along the lid for a subtle shimmer effect.
julianne tutorial photo 3

4. Step 4: Blackstar Blue mineral mica powder  is swept along the crease of the eye for a glamorous “smoky” look, using the firm shadow brush. Very little powder is needed to apply pure mica shadows.
julianne tutorial photo 4

5. Step 5: The two shades are then thoroughly blended in until their are no obvious lines.
julianne tutorial photo 5

6. Step 6: The liner is Pure Black Cream to Powder, a deeply pigmented product that shows up well on darker skin tones. The brush used is the angled liner.
julianne tutorial photo 6

7. Step 7: Espresso Cream to Powder is gently touched onto sparse areas of the brows.
julianne tutorial photo 7

8. Step 8: For highlighter, semi-matte bronze provides a beautiful sheen that opens up the eye area and really sets off the whole look. I call it icing on the cake. This is a  concentrated powder, so only a small amount is needed.
julianne tutorial photo 8

9. Step 9: Blending with a Q-tip is a neat trick to keep the look natural, and not overdone.
julianne tutorial photo 9

10. Step 10: For Julian’s beautiful skintone, a blush that is natural, yet sexy is Sultry Brown.  It can be applied with either a blush brush, or the mini-bronzer. This blush has a slight glow that is perfect for evening.
julianne tutorial photo 10

11. Step 11: Julian’s lips are lined with Deep Plum liner, a wonderful shade that stays put.
julianne tutorial photo 11

12. Step 12: For lipgloss, clear gloss is mixed into the Sultry Brown Blush. This is a nice, subtle effect that is perfect when the eyes are more dramatic, or for a light daytime look.
julianne tutorial photo 12

13. Step 13: Using the retractable brush, the blush is blended into the lipgloss.
julianne tutorial photo 13a

As a final touch, some blackstar blue is wetlined under Julian’s eyes, using the angled liner brush.

julianne tutorial photo 13b

Julian is a Science teacher at a local highschool in Baltimore. A few weeks after the photo shoot, we had a makeup class with her students, and they learned the science behind making cosmetics. The final result of this makeover is a beautiful woman whose features are complimented by the products. Thank you Julian, for letting us borrow your gorgeous face!
julianne tutorial final

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