Finding Black Mineral Makeup has been a problem for women of color ever since the mineral makeup boom. The skin tones of Black women span a variety of shades and most mineral companies tend to ignore these differences. Finding the right mineral foundation and mineral colors that suited my skin tone has always been a problem and I have thrown out many a mineral lip color because it didn’t look right after I bought it! Mineral eye colors always looked too light when they got in contact with my skin tone losing its’ impact. That being said, I was ecstatic to finally find Monave Mineral Makeup. The colors were vibrant and the choices for mineral foundations were staggering, I quickly dived in, not only finding my own personal mineral foundation but mineral eye shadows that were just as beautiful in the jars and on my eyes along with mineral lip colors that suited my big beautiful lips!

Working at Monave enables me to get first run colors straight from the lab and last month was no exception when the new Crystal Collection came rolling out! Mineral eye shadows with names like Tourmaline, a rich green, Carnelian, a vibrant orange and Peridot, an apple green were a sight to behold! Not far behind were two new mineral lip colors, Crimson Agate and Rose Quartz. I have been wearing both the Tourmaline and Peridot mineral eye shadows non stop since I’ve gotten them. Tune in next week when I give a tutorial of two of these fantastic new mineral eye shadows and the mineral lip glaze I pair with it!


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