Now that summer is here I have dug into my treasure trove of eye shadows to create wonderful palettes for my summer wardrobe. I love summer, it reminds me of my island home, the hot summer days and the warm sultry nights! I wear a lot of white during these summer months and it is the perfect backdrop to try bright, happy colors.

One of my current faves are Ivy #80, Envy#92 and Mirage#79. These three colors belong to the

Sultry Collection of our Versatile Powders. These colors are vibrant and have an iridescence.

Envy: Deep green black color with a green blue shimmer

I usually line my eye lids with Cream to Powder Black using an angled liner brush, I then overlay that line with Envy to give a shimmery green black




Ivy: A rich forest green shade with a blue/green and golden shimmer.

I apply this color to the lids starting from the outer part of the eye working towards the inner eye area, for more drama (evening) I pull the Envy towards the crease of the outer lid giving a smoky eye effect!



Mirage: A light neutral antique gold shimmer (not a yellow gold)


For the final finish I use this color on the brow bone then pull down to blend with the Ivy on the eye lids. This gives a very sophisticated look. I LOVE this combination of colors. Tune in next week when I give another Summer eye shadow trio!


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