Find Your Inner Clown

This all natural Halloween Makeup tutorial walks you through Dani’s steps for creating a beautiful Clown makeup look.

IMG_5650 (2)Step 1 – Face: Using a flat top foundation brush, apply Kerrie Loose Mineral Foundation all over the face.

Step 2- Eyes: Apply #178 eye pastel as the base color to the lid. For a brighter look on eye lid, apply Violet violation versatile  powder with a firm shadow brush over top of the #178 eye pastel. Using a firm shadow brush, apply Purple Punter versatile powder under the under eye (triangle) and also in the creases of the lids. Use #178 eye pastel to add the pink dots to the end of the triangles below the eye. Use Grape eyeliner. to line the eyes.

Step 3 – Eyebrows: Apply #178 eye pastel & Purple Punter versatile powder with an angled liner brush to the brows.

Setp 4 – Contour: Apply Purple Punter eye pastel to coutour the cheeks and blend out with a flat top brush.

Step 5 – Blush: To the cheeks, apply #211 Lilac Mist with a Blush Brush.

Step 6 – Nose: Apply #85 Sienna versatile powder in a wet application to the nose using a lip brush.

Step 7 – Illuminizer: To add highlight to the face, dust #61 White Sparkle verstile powder on to the cheeks, eyes, forehead and eye brows.

Happy Halloween!FullSizeRender (2)

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