Hot Pink Summer Eye Shadow Mineral Makeup Tutorial
#178 verstile (300x285)
All Natural Mineral Shadow
Pink Sapphire

Beautiful and carmine-free, Monave mineral shade Pink Sapphire is the perfect hot pink summer eye shadow that can be worn on a wide range of skin tones. When applied with a dry eye shadow brush, this shade can be worn for a more subtle look, however, if you apply it with damp brush (also known as the foiling technique), the color truly comes to life! Here is a quick and easy way to wear this hot pink shade:

Step 1: Starting with a freshly cleaned and moisturized face, apply your Loose Mineral Foundation to cover any blemishes while evening out your skin tone. Instead of using a secondary lid primer, you can simply buff some of your loose foundation over your eye lids. Our bismuth free loose mineral foundations are the perfect primer and help to prevent creasing of your eye shadow throughout the day. This is also the time to fill in you brows, if necessary. For my red hair, I used a small amount of  #111 Tierra Medium Ultra-Matte Shadow with an angled liner brush to even out my brows.

#1 before picture (bare faced) edited
Caroline mixed with Teporah Loose Mineral Foundation

Step 2: Using a spritzing bottle filled with distilled water, lightly spray your firm shadow brush to prepare for a damp eye shadow application. You do not want to get your brush soaked, just a spray or two should be sufficient. If you do get your brush a little too wet, simply absorb any excess water using a dry tissue. Dip your brush tip into the Pink Sapphire Shadow and tap off any excess powder into your jar lid. On the back of your hand, completely mix the powder with the moister on your brush. Begin applying this damp shadow to the bottom middle section of your lid, close to the lash line and buff it outward at slight angle up. Less is more when applying wet eye shadows as they become very vibrant!

#2 hot pink eye (apply #178) edited
#178 Pink Sapphire Shadow Applied with a Wet Brush

Step 3: Clean your brush by spritzing it again with water and dabbing it on a tissue. Make sure your cleaned brush is once more damp and dip it into a cool-toned lighter pink shade, #82 Pink Pearl. Beginning at the inner corner of your eye, apply this shade to the inner ball of your eye and continue it up along your upper lid to buff out the edges of the pink sapphire.

#3 hot pink eye step 2 (foiled #82) (500x240)
#82 Pink Pearl Applied to Inner & Upper Lid with wet brush

Step 4: Now for the eye liner! Wet your angled liner brush completely using the distilled water and dip your brush into #106 Eggplant Dark Ultra-Matte Shadow. Mix the water and powder together onto the back of your hand to make a rich liquid liner.

#5 - 106 wet lined
Ultra-Matte Shadow #106 + Water

We want to make an eye liner that has a lot more purple to it than this, though, so break out your Pink Sapphire shadow again and add some to your wet liner mixture on the back of your hand.

#6 - 106 + 178 powder wet lined
#106 Ultra-Matte Shadow + #178 Pink Sapphire + Water = Awesome Purple Eye Liner!

Now that you have your wet liner mixed, apply it to the upper lid as desired.

#7 - hot pink finished eye 2


Last Step! Top it all off with a nude, vegan lipstick #180 Chiffon.

#10 hot pink eye (add Chiffon Lipstick) 3 edited

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