Simple Custom Blending – Part Five: How to Make Illuminizing Mineral Foundation for Summer

Illuminizing mineral foundations are wonderful for brightening the face and adding a dewy natural glow to the skin in the summer. Easily learn how to make your own custom illuminizing foundation using our loose mineral vegan makeup, and these simple custom blending steps.

First, begin by using your normal Loose Mineral Foundation shade as your starting base. To turn this foundation into an illuminizing and highlighting one, pick one of our four face illuminizers to blend with your base foundation shade. Monave face illuminizers are not glittery, but rather a fine grind of powder with a smooth pearly finish. Reminiscent of candlelight; they impart a soft glow to cheeks and brow. You can use the illuminizers on their own, brushed gently over your foundation or eyeshadow, for a delicate glow and a flawless focus. Or, Mix the illuminizer directly into your loose mineral foundation (as we will walk you through below) to make an illuminizing foundation for summer!

Monave Face Illuminizers Broken down:

#401 Glisten : Glisten is the palest of tender pinks. It adds a faint rosy glow, subtle, with a delicate, smooth sheen. Use this Illuminizer if you have a pink undertone to your skin, such as foundation shades AshlieKerrieAmy, or Tan Girl.

#402 Glow : Glow kisses morning sun on the cheeks to illuminize and brighten. This finely milled product adds a subtle sheen for the most discerning taste. Golden in undertone, this illuminizer can be mixed with yellow to olive undertoned foundations, such as Caroline, TeporahSandra ,SaturninaCanela, etc. For deeper shades like BeverlyToniAlicia,  you can use Glow minimally as a brightener to add to your foundation base, or try our deeper illuminizer below, #403 Radiant, to bring out the bronze tones in your skin.

#403 Radiant : Radiant brings the bronzed warmth of summer to cheeks and eyes. Fine copper pigments flecked with gold….smooth, and silky. This Face Illuminizer is perfect for  blending with deeper complexion foundations, such as AndreaBeverlyToni, BrandyAliciaKeaira, Sharon, CharleneJoi, etc.

#404 Glimmer : This is a subtle, neutral shade that adds a sweet highlighting glow to the cheeks. Excellent for light and light medium skin tones. It blends well with foundation shades in olive, pink, and yellow undertones such as PaulaAshlieClaireKerrieAmyCarolineSandra, etc.

Creating An Illuminizing Foundation:

Tools needed:

Step 1. The starting ratio that we will use to customize our foundation is 1 part Face Illuminizer to 3 parts Loose Mineral Foundation. Using a small scoop, measure 3 scoops of your loose mineral foundation into your mini grinder chamber, and 1 scoop of your Face Illuminizer powder.

Step 2. Blend this mixture together in your grinder for about 15-20 seconds, or until thoroughly incorporated. If you don’t have a mini grinder to use for this project, a fun way to mix these by hand is to put your measured out powders into a small container with a secure  lid attached and shake, shake, shake!

Step 3. Testing time! Now that you have blended your powders together, you get to test your mixture to see if it is to your liking. Using your flat top foundation brush, or flat top buki brush, and apply a swatch of your mixture to a section of your face. If you feel that your mixture needs more illumination, simply add another scoop of face illuminizer to your mixture and blend for an additional 5-10 seconds.

If you would like to share your custom Monave foundation blends with us that you have created, share links to your pics in the comments section on our blog, or tag us on Instagram  @monavemakeup,  with the hashtag  #monavecustomblend .

Happy Blending!

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