Every season there is a new challenge where mineral makeup is concerned and I always look forward to it as it gives me a chance to go play in the makeup studio! This Fall/Winter makeup was no exception with the  runways depicting looks from Trueblood, a popular vampire series in cable.  Vampire?? Yep,  the pale monochromatic complexion with deep red/black lips and mysterious looking eyes.


Armed with this mission, I skipped with glee to the makeup studio! Now being a woman of color, I decided the pale complexion would not be a part of the look…ashy is not my favorite look. Sultry is the name of the game. So the eyes and the lips would be the main focus as I wanted to translate the look to women of color.

Since the eyes had to have a smoky eye effect with a matte base and shimmer overlay I looked to the Ultra Mattes and the Sultry Collection in our Versatile powders. For the matte color I chose the Charcoal Satin #120 and for the shimmery overlay in mineral eye shadow I chose Hypnotic#78. Moving on to the lips, I went to a color that is rarely used in our line but has its moment to shine this season, Hoochie Mama #155. This color is remniscent of Mac’s Vamp but with a darker edge to it. Lipsticks are the rage this season too, so go retro!

Now that I had the colors that I needed to achieve this look  I proceeded to apply. First the eyes, Charcoal Satin #120 is applied to the lids on the outer corner up to the crease. Hypnotic #78 is then applied to the inner corner pulled to the middle of the lid and up to the brow bone. Everything is then blended to achieve a uniform look with no lines.

 For the lips, line with Lip liner Blackberry, then apply mineral lipstick Hoochie Mama#155 Wow, now I was ready for a night on the town!




I’ve been wearing this look for a couple weeks now at night and I never fail to get compliments. If this look is too bold for you,  just rock it for Halloween night! Happy Halloween!


  • koszt ubezpieczenia samochodu

    My fiance and I own our own business together which we actually opened up before we were even engaged! When we started out on the craziness of opening the business I knew he was the man I was going to be with for the rest of my life. So, making the decision to completely jump off the path I was headed down (I had just finished grad school with a degree in neuroscience) and open up a sandwich shop (yes, a sandwich shop!) with him was the only choice for me. As we began the insane project of a complete renovation and re-make of our shop, I knew that this shop was exactly what I was meant to do in my life. We opened our doors this past June, followed quickly by a proposal in August! As we began planning our wedding the theme pretty much jumped out right at us without even trying….. sandwiches! We’re now trying to pull all the details together, but the plan is to have a “picnic lunch” theme….but without the picnic setting! We are having a church ceremony with a semi-formal reception in late August of next year, with a seated dinner in the evening inside of a vineyard (actually an old airplane hangar that has been converted into a vineyard!). But even so, we want to have all the details revolve around something that is just so *us*….. lunch! Even though it sounds crazy to most everyone else, for us it is exactly perfect and couldn’t make any more sense

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