Oxides & Fillers

Monave cosmetic pigments are extremely high-quality cosmetic-grade oxides, and specialty fillers, such as zinc oxide and serecite. These pigments are chosen for their texture, and saturation, and will assist you in creating high-performance mineral makeup that your customers will rave about. Monave mineral cosmetic pigments can be used to create matte eye shadows, liners, blushes, face powders, and foundations. If you have never used cosmetic pigments to create cosmetics before, we suggest trying out one of our cosmetic making kits, which include small portions of each pigment, and instructions for blending. Our pigments are processed to be suitable for cosmetics use, FDA approved, and are not coated with polymers, aminos, or other additives..

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Silky, and soft with a low luster, transluscent serecite can be used as a filler in any and all color cosmetics. Using a 10-15% ratio in foundations will impart a silky feel without diminishing the adhesive ...


Our beautiful, high-quality silica is back in stock. Our supplier stopped carrying it, but we stayed on, and it’s b a a c k! You’ll love this stuff, especially if you have problem formulas. If you ...

Zinc Oxide

Zinc Oxide is a wonderful filler: It has a creamy texture, high SPF factor, and is a stellar pigment binder. Use in concentrations of 10-25% in foundations, blushes, and eyeshadows. It’s adhesive property is slightly less ...