Skin Care

Monave will be closing its manufacturing facility and product sales starting October 11th. Please click here for more details!

Buying skin care products on the market nowadays can be both confusing and frustrating for natural products consumers. The word natural itself can be deceiving, as it generally refers to substances that originate in nature. Just because a product comes from nature doesn’t mean that it’s natural when it goes into a bottle of lotion or cleanser. Many brands have ingredients that are derived from plants with the use of synthetic extraction methods including solvents (think, paint thinner). No wonder you can’t pronounce them!

What is Monave’s definition of “natural”?

Our Process:

Products are exposed to heat only when necessary, and at the lowest possible temperature to preserve the natural actives in the delicate botanical ingredients, Monave’s natural and organic skincare products are handcrafted in small batches to ensure freshness. When you buy a cream or a soap from us, it is made no more than three months prior to your order. While this increases wait time, it is well worth the wait!

We are dedicated to women who have sensitive skin, whether it be from celiac disease, rosacea, chemical sensitivities, or allergies, such as soy, gluten, and corn.

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