Updates: August 2023

As most of you know, we have closed our manufacturing operation. This was a very big endeavor, and we took a much-needed pause afterward to rest and recuperate. Currently there is still wholesale stock of many of our bulk powdered products and pigments.

All wholesale lipsticks, glosses, and glazes. have been incorporated into the retail store.

We have met with a few potential buyers, but could not manifest a complete buy-out of the company. So, what does that mean for you?

We are now offering our formulas and intellectual property for sale to our current wholesale vendor community. Sale of formulas will be processed on a case by case basis for companies who have relied on our products to support their businesses. Each formula release will require a non-disclosure agreement. Companies which purchase our formulas and can create consistent color matching will be recommended (with consent) to our retail base, and will be featured on our website for potential incoming customers.

There are discounts and complementary consulting included in our formula bundle sales. If your company has been a consistent vendor of our products, please email for more information.

One on one consulting is available for these topics:

  • formula development
  • building a business structure
  • legal issues relevant to the natural beauty industry
  • export documentation and processes
  • bootstrap techniques to build your store infrastructure
  • understanding payroll and legal processes for opening and running your business
  • getting to page on of Google without paying for ads
  • developing strong feminine0-powered sales techniques
  • and more!

To book a consultation, please visit here:

It is time for the torch to be passed on to you. With your passion and energy, you will continue to transform the world, and hold steady with the mission of creating a sustainably produced and sourced beauty supply that holds the health of our bodies, our animal-friends, and our planet in the limelight

We have a deep commitment to the health and well being of our clients, as well as their continued success. In light of this, the closing of our manufacturing will be managed in phases:

By releasing our formulary, this will prevent you from having to take your samples to a new company for fulfillment and avoid the tedious task of regenerating products from scratch. It will also enable our crafty folks to produce from your own studio.

For customers with custom products, your formulas are also available for you to purchase. If you decline purchase of them, they will then be available to the wider vendor community.

The business structure, including trademark, domain, website, complete formulary and controls, continues to be available as a package deal. Please message us if interested. Serious inquires only! 

For the crafters out there, Monave offers videos & classes which that include list of the materials and instructions you will need to get started. You can get a head start on figuring out if crafting your own mineral products is a good fit.

Please feel free to text (410)-670-1814, and a customer care specialist will set up a time to answer your questions!




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