Setting Powders

Finishing touches are essential. They bring a look together. Yet, sometimes people forget the final step. No make-up look is complete without a dusting of finishing powder. Our eco-friendly setting powders are made of light minerals and a touch of clay. These unbelievably silky blends glide onto your skin for a seamless “finish.”

Finishing powder plays an important role in your make-up routine. In addition, it helps your skin. Our translucent eco-friendly setting powders should be applied after your foundation. They help absorb the oils on your skin. Thus, finishing powder keeps your skin healthy and your make-up in place. This powder also adds a smooth, matte-like finish to your face. Finishing powder brings a flawless look together. However, it is also a perfect foundation alternative for women who desire only light coverage. Applied to bare skin, the powder still aids in oil absorption and protection.

Our line offers multiple powder options. Petal, Angel, and Tawny are tinted powders that enhance or balance color. Serecite absorbs oil but is completely colorless. Finally, Silica is a harsher powder. We only recommended it for those who need aggressive oil absorption.

Monave’s carefully chose and designed our eco-friendly setting powders to be gluten-free, vegan, and safe for anyone with allergies. Our natural finishing powders are safe for skin and the environment. They will keep your skin looking fresh and flawless all day long.

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Ingredients: Angel, Petal Pink, and Tawny: Serecite, iron oxides, kaolin clay. Translucent Powder: Serecite

Price: $12.00

Volume: 20 grams

Weight: 5 grams

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Petal #01

Petal #01

Breathtakingly delicate, this organic setting powder is the finishing touch you need. As smooth and soft as fresh flowers, Petal dusts on easily with a wide brush over completed make-up. The barest whisper of pink gives ...
Out of stock
Angel #02

Angel #02

This vegan setting powder is so beautiful, it could be divinely inspired. As light and soft as a feather, Angel is a creamy, barely-there vegan setting powder with a whisper of light yellow. Use a wide ...
Out of stock
Tawny #03

Tawny #03

This cruelty-free setting powder will make you think of perfect, sun-kissed skin. Tawny’s medium yellow tint offers the perfect finishing touch to your make-up routine. This creamy light cruelty-free setting powder absorbs oils throughout the day ...
Out of stock
Serecite #04

Serecite #04

Serecite is a perfect option for those struggling to find a setting powder. This gluten-free setting powder is an alternative to tinted powders. It has the same airy features as our other finishing powders and is ...