Vegan Concealer Crayons

Organic vegan concealers aren’t impossible! We craft them using certified organic plant oils, waxed, and child labor-free micas and pigments.

Who doesn’t love a cute, fat crayon gripped in her hand, poised and ready to color outside of the lines. At Monave, sometimes bigger is better. Filling in those uneven spots of purple and red around the eyes and nose just got a whole lot easier.

We don’t launch a product without loving it first ourselves. What we love about our organic vegan concealers is the creamy texture, the awesome coverage and the convenience of slipping this adorable little tube into our pocket, bra (our favorite pocket), or purse. 

We also love that these top-quality concealers don’t harm our planet, or our animal friends!

Ingredients: Olive Squalene Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Carnauba Wax,  Jojoba Oil, Candelilla Wax, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Japan Wax, Red Raspberry Seed Oil, Titanium dioxide, Iron oxides, Child Labor-free Mica, Ultramarine Blue, May Contain: zinc oxide, silica.

Price: $18.50
Volume: 7 grams
Weight: 7 grams
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Kerrie Concealer Crayon

Kerrie Concealer Crayon

Yellow undertone for the peaches and cream complexion. Formulated on Irish skin, it suits very light Caucasians with yellow undertones, with just a hint of peach. Also suitable for Asian complexions. [youtube] [youtube]