Watch the Halloween Makeup Tutorial Video above for the steps to acheiving this werewolf look.

Products used for this Look: 

1. Face: Teporah Vegan Mousse Foundation applied with Flat Top brush.

2. Eye Brows: #112 Teirra Dark & #120 Charcoal Satin Ultra Mattes wet applied with angled liner brush.

3. Eyes:

4. Countour: #112 Tierra Dark Eye Pastel on forehead and cheeks. Claire Concealer crayon under eyes and forehead.

5. Hair: #112 Tierra Dark, #120 Charcoal Satin, #61m Semi Matte White wet and dry applied with angled liner brush.

6. Highlighter: #402 Glow Illuminizer

7. Nose: Black Cream to Powder applied with q-tip.

8. Teeth: White and Black vegan eye liner with #61m Versatile powder wet applied on top.

9. Lips: #155 Hoochie Mama and #150 Chocolate Rose Vegan Lipstick.

10. Blood: Red Iron Oxide mixed with Vegtable glycerin.

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