Cashmere Blush Collection

We are so excited to share with you our newest line of blushes, the Cashmere Blush Collection!

The last year has brought about the need to rethink the way we wear makeup. Bright lamps, ring lights, and Zoom calls are part of our day-to-day. We created the Cashmere Blush Collection specifically for on-camera work to help bring beautiful color and dimension to your cheeks.

What sets apart the Cashmere Collection from our traditional formula is it is free of titanium oxide. Like diamonds, titanium dioxide has a high refractive index. Reflection causes your blush to be pearlescent and makes your cheeks shiny on camera and under intense lighting, like ring lights. Instead, these blushes use zinc oxide. Zinc oxide is a safe mineral that protects your skin and gives you a natural and balanced look.

Another positive factor of our Cashmere line is that it features a low percentage of silica. Our silica is responsibly mined in the U.S. and perfectly safe for cosmetics. Silica absorbs moisture and reduces shine to give you a picture-perfect matte finish. These blushes are free of dyes, carmine, lakes, or other synthetic colorants.

The Cashmere Blush Collection glides on your cheeks with a light and silky texture and can be layered for a more intense color. These blushes pair perfectly with our traditional concealers or the Cashmere Foundation Collection. You can also use them on bare skin to give your cheeks a beautiful and natural glow.

With color palettes ranging from warm to cold to neutral, this blush line has shades for Caucasian, Asian, Black, Middle-Eastern, and Latin skin tones. Please sample these beautiful and natural mineral foundation colors from the drop-down menu before purchasing a full-size.

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