Copper & Red Versatile Powders

Alluring, tempestuous, seductive. These words describe the mysteries and temptations of our copper & red versatile powders. Explore playful daytime and mystifying nighttime looks with dusty shimmers and rich reds.

Our copper & red versatile powders offer dynamic colors perfect for any skin tone. As a result, this line will complement dark complexions. Deep reds stand out and give a sultry pop to dark complexions.

Escape from your generic make-up pallet in Oasis’ silky burgundy and dreamy shimmer. Bring rich color to your winter get-togethers with Sienna’s red and gold hues. Coppery undertones and magical shimmer both complement and stand out stunningly against dark complexions.

We cherish our versatile mineral powders because we handmake them. Consequently, each color is formulated and tested to create unique colors for our brand. Our organic and eco-friendly powders are safe for your skin and our planet. Child labor free mica gives a subtle shimmer to our powders.

Because we create our own colors so lovingly, we consciously include flattering shades across the spectrum of skin tones. Those with dark complexions will fall in love with our red and copper shades.

Our versatile powders aren’t just a basic eye shadow. Dust on eyelids for a dimensional shimmer. Apply wet with an angled liner to bring out the underlying colors. Lighter coppers add depth to your highlights. Deeper shades such as Desert Sun are a perfect blush for dark complexions.

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