Versatile Powder Oasis #73


Much like wandering the blistering desert before stumbling into a lush sanctuary, our eco-friendly mineral powder line is a respite in the landscape of harsh and environmentally damaging cosmetics. Oasis is no exception and the name encompasses not only its beauty but our personal and upheld code to offer only the best eco-friendly mineral powder options in our cosmetic line. Settle down into the warm copper hues of this multi-layered escape, dusted with silky burgundy and glorious copper shimmer. While similar in some ways to #72 Sahara, the copper and red shades in Oasis will more naturally flatter pink and red undertones in skin. Dark complexions especially will absolutely love this eco-friendly mineral powder for its depth, and it can be used alone on lids for daily wear or blended with a variety of blues and grays for a dreamy look. Dark complexions will also find this color perfect as a sultry, rich blush.

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