Organic face makeup is the perfect way to nourish and protect your skin. It provides the protection from the elements, as well as bringing much-needed moisture, and botanical actives into your daily regimen. Monave crafts organic face makeup using lovingly formulated, 100% gluten-free mineral powder and liquid foundation formulas and setting powders. There is a formula for every skin type and complexion; oily, acneic, dry and, normal.
Our organic and safe mineral and cream foundations and concealers cater to a vide variety of shades. Our goal is for every woman to feel welcome, and seen, to be able to find a perfect match for their skintone and lifestyle.

All organic face makeup ingredients are carefully chosen for purity to create safe makeup for you, that is free of paraben preservative, animal by-products, petroleum by-products, dyes, and other irritants. Full-coverage sunscreen and organic botanical extracts protect and nourish delicate skin while offering the coverage and finish for a beautiful face. We supply shades suitable and adjustable for any people of color, whether you are Asian, Latin Black, Caucasian or Middle-Eastern.

Cruelty-free, organic, eco-friendly and, gluten-free are standards by which Monave creates all its organic face makeup products. For our vegan friends,our Loose Mineral Foundation, Loose Mineral Concealer Foundation, Setting Powders, the range of Luster Adjusters and, the Vegan Moisture Mousse Foundation are all 100% plant-based with no beeswax.

If you are a first-time user of Monave foundations, please visit our mineral makeup samples page, where you can pick a set of shades in your range, and also choose six free products to try, such as blushes and eyeshadows!

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