Jumbo Makeup Junkie Sets

If you are a Makeup Junkie that can never have too many colors in your collection, than these new Jumbo Makeup Sets are for you! We’ve made life easier by compiling all of your favorite products into complete sets so that you can purchase a huge range of colors at once, at deep discounts.

All new Jumbo Makeup Junkie Sets are complete collections of Monave Versatile Powder Shadows, Ultra-Matte Shadow/Liners, Brow Cream to Powders, Face Illuminizers, Bronzers, and Blushes that are great for makeup enthusiests and makeup artists alike. 

Monave puts an emphasis on natural and eco-friendly cosmetics. All our products are created with organic, cruelty-free and gluten-free ingredients and are therefore a safe makeup option for persons suffering from severe allergies and celiacs.  Versatile Powder Shadows, Ultra-Mattes, Bronzers and Blushes are a great alternative for people seeking vegan makeup alternatives. 

With up to a 50% discount on products, these sets contain full sized pieces and can be used by makeup artists as application kits, or for simply expanding your personal makeup collection at an affordable price. 

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Ultra-Matte Shadow/Liners Set

Ultra-Matte Shadow/Liners Set

This set includes all of our Ultra-Matte Shadow/Liners!� Colors in this Set: #101 Teal Light,�#102 Teal Medium,�#103 Teal Dark,�#104 Eggplant Light,�#105 Eggplant Medium,�#106 Eggplant Dark,�#107 Heather Light,�#108 Heather Medium,�#109 Heather Dark,�#110 Tierra Light,�#111 Tierra Medium,�#112 Tierra ...