Being a woman of color from the Caribbean, finding the correct foundation has been similar to searching for the Holy Grail…. elusive. With the different cultures swirling through my blood, my skin tone has a variety of shades with undertones of red to gold with a warm chocolate overlay. Try finding a foundation to match that! Then I heard about mineral makeup for women who wanted a natural alternative to conventional makeup without all the nasty additives. Finally, I can find a foundation, but  again I was thwarted. The same mindset carried over, no shade that didn’t make me ashy….

We live in a multi cultural society with various ethnic mixtures that have given rise to a wide color range in skin tones. This has made finding the right foundations difficult especially for women of color. Monave Mineral Cosmetics was developed to address this need, with a total of 22 shades of foundation there is a color for everyone and if there isn’t, Monave can help you customize a color, just contact their onsite makeup artist at [email protected]. We cater to all ethnic backgrounds, Latin, East Indian, Asian, African American, Middle Eastern  and Caucasian. Monave has a unique way of developing foundation shades by actually using a live model to create a specific shade and giving the end result the person’s name. This allows for the ongoing creation of new colors as there is an increase in the number of clients needing customized foundations.

I found my Holy Grail at Monave……Alicia, you can too!



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