This is Deb, the founder and President of Monave,

Years ago, when I started this company, I had a young son in my life, found it nearly impossible to afford childcare from my teacher’s salary, and had trouble even finding daycare that worked with my teaching schedule and my then-husband’s busy retail hours. As I began forming my little company from one kiosk and a lab in a warehouse next door, I struggled with 12-hour days, little time with my son, and little income to show for it. But little by little, through working smart, I began to create income for my family. And little by little I began to question the feasability of running a retail establishment while trying to be a mom for my growing child.

After much thought, I decided to open an internet store. Firstly, it enabled me to work from home, instead of trekking off to a kiosk in a mall, paying for parking, and managing downtown rush hour to pick my son up at the last possible minute from his daycare. Secondly, it provided the advantage or worldwide sales, which tempered the fluctuations in sales from a brick and mortar store.  As the internet business grew, I spent less and less time at the last outpost of my retail business; a cute little store in a historic district in Baltimore, and more and more time in my growing office and warehouse facility.

What I realized, as wholesale inquries into my product line began to mount, was that the women I was meeting over the phone and through email were speaking my story. Just like me, they were trying to provide financially for their children  through jobs that were family-unfriendly in many cases, while building a their dream business during the wee hours. I began to see us as a family of women; our stories wove together concepts of abundance, women’s rights, independence, motherhood, and choice. For some of us, economic independence allowed us to depart from abusive marriages. For others, economic independence meant having pride as an income-earner in the household. For others, building a business meant having the flexibility to work around a toddler’s sleep schedule. It meant not having to panic when our children were sick and we had to take a day off. It meant showing our sons and daughters that women are powerful and have their own beautiful and thoughtful style of running a business.

So I decided to create any and every opportunity for a woman to take the opportunity that my products provided, and support her in her endeavor to be part of the millions of Americans who own and operate successful businesses. I still tear up when I read some of the emails that I’ve received from women whose businesses have become so successful, their husbands have quit their jobs to help operate it, and who have been able to buy their dream home, or put their children through college on what they’ve earned through working with Monave. I turn no one away due to lack of financing or experience. Where there is a dream, there is a possibility.

So I encourage you, whether you are a man, an entrepreneur, or someone content not to own, listen to womens’ dreams. Encourage them. These are the seeds of our society. These are the seeds of tomorrow as we learn ways to earn without creating environmental and social havoc. Women have the intuitive style and nurturing capability to transform their own lives as well as the world around them.


Deborah Bilezikian

President, Monave Mineral Makeup


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