Natural Valentine’s Day Makeup Looks: Bold Burgundy & Soft Sexy Pink

We have come up with a couple of beautiful, easy to do makeup looks for Valentine’s Day this year that play on natural, soft touchable pink tones, and bold beautiful shades of Burgundy Red.
Pink Valentine's Day Look

Natural Pink  Look:

This Valentine’s Day look fuses shades of pink, peach, and smoke. It is the perfect amount of  “dolled up”, while still keeping a smooth and sophisticated feel.

Starting with a freshly cleaned and moisturized face, apply your normal foundation application. During this step, buff some of your loose mineral foundation onto your lids as a primer.

Step 1: Starting at the inner corner of the eye and working your way across the lid,  apply #312 Fairy using a firm shadow brush.

Step 2:  Apply Terra Cotta Ultra Matte #119 to the outer corner of the eye, buffing it into the crease. Next, dampen your firm shadow brush slightly with water and wet apply Fairy #312 to the inner corner of the eye. Buff  it out to the middle base of the lid and continue to apply this shade up to meet the edges of Terra cotta.

step 2312 base, 119 outter 312 wet applied inner corner

Step 3: Layer Silk Garnet #218 over the Terra Cotta with a dry firm shadow brush.

218 dry applied over 119 and buffed in218 dry aplied over 119 and buffed, one eye closed

Step 4: Apply versatile powder Lavender Pearl #60 delicately over the entire lid. You don’t want to buff this color in, you are just lightly layering a very small amount over the lid to add a pearly effect. Also, apply a small amount of #60 directly under the brow and inner corner of the eye as a highlighter.

60 applied to whole lid, both eyes

Step 5: Compliment these pink tones by  lining the top and bottom lid with Smoke eye liner. For the final full look in the picture below, Versatile powder Pink Pearl #82 was applied as a blush to the cheeks, and Lilac Liquid Gloss #179 to the lips.FullSizeRender (17) finished look with trees


Rustic Rose Valentine’s Day Look:

This Valentine’s Day look is more bold than the previous, and merges sexy burgundy shades with subtle hints of gold and pink.

Step 1: Apply versatile powder Gold Salmon #70 to lids as a base color. 70 applied dry accross lids

Step 2: Using a firm shadow brush, apply Versatile powder Rustic Rose #15 to outer corner of the eye, working this color into the crease as well. Apply more Gold Salmon #70 to the inner corner of the eye, lightly blending it into the middle of the lid where this color meets the edges of the Rustic Rose.step 2 - close upstep 2- 15 dry applied to outer corner, more #70 applied to inner corner

Step 3: To add more depth to this rose tone, dampen your firm shadow brush with a small amount of water and apply Rustic Rose #15 in a wet application over the dry layer of this color that is already on the lid. Using an angled liner brush, wet line Rustic Rose #15 along the bottom lid.15 wet applied to outer corner over dry

Step 4: With a dry firm shadow brush, apply versatile powder Cinnamon #37 to the middle of lid, where Rustic Rose #15 and Gold Salmon #70 meet. Line the top and bottom lids with Black eye liner.

Step 5: To brighten up  the eyes, apply Semi-Matte White #61m under brow. Buff this color into the outer edges of Rustic Rose,  and into the inner corner of the eye. Top off this look with Crimson Agate #175 potted gloss applied to the lips.
full face finished looking to other side (2) just eyes   full face finished looking to other side (2) cropped

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