Hi Ladies it’s been awhile since my last post on the blog. Spring is finally here and I love seeing the bright flowers and feeling the warm sunshine! Ah Bliss!

I had a customer come in this past week to our makeup studio and her first question, after I gave her a brief introduction to Monave, was……” What makes Monave different from Bare MInerals?” This is a question I have gotten a lot over the years and I never hesitate to expound at length our differences. Thanks to this page I’ll keep it short. Our main difference is the use of the dreaded Bismuth Oxychloride. What is Bismuth Oxychloride ( BiO)? Bismuth Oxychloride is a byproduct of lead and copper refining. The properties are very similar to arsenic and the color is white with an iridescent hue, it is also lead free. This gives it a very shiny appearance. It is commonly used to create magnets, fire safety devices, medicine and most recently mineral cosmetics.

Mineral Cosmetics Companies use this ingredient as a filler as it is inexpensive to buy. There is also the high refractive quality which beauty companies like because it minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. The molecules are large so they have to be ‘ground’ into the skin hence the buffing technique used in application and the use of a kabuki brush. This gives a shimmery appearance to the face, the dewy look that Bare Minerals uses in their marketing strategy.  Due to the buffing application of the foundation, it does not last throughout the day and  slides off the face by the end of the day.  Bismuth is a very  heavy element and this can clog the pores and eventually gives rise to acne. This is a common side effect for women after prolonged use. Other side effects are irritation, itchiness and redness to the skin due to the similarity of its properties to Arsenic.

Our other difference is variety of realistic shades for women of all ethnic backgrounds. Our colors were developed by having actual women serve as models for our color palette. Our makeup studio serves as a lab when women, whose skin tones are not represented, come in. We formulate their color and put in our foundation shades, using their names as foundation names. How cool is that!

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