We had a client come into our studio the other day, and she was concerned that her mostly Middle Eastern clientele would not satisfied with a ‘natural’ palette of colors.

So I showed her some of our brighter shades: Pink Berry, and Tiger Lilly. Pinkberry especially caught her eye. On her slightly caramel skin, it was a ‘pop’ shade. She preferred it in the liquid gloss formula. Monave’s liquid gloss brings out complex and bright colors better than any of our other formulas, such as lipstick or glaze.

The reason why fire-engine red and hot pink are so hard to achieve in mineral makeup is because we don’t use dyes or carmine. Those are the two most popular sources for a chemist when creating bright shades of pink and red. We opt instead for mica pigments coated only with these ingredients: iron oxides, manganese violet, and titanium dioxide. We also use straight iron oxides and zinc oxide in some of our more matte lip shades.

Keeping it simple means our customers are less likely to break out from their cosmetics, but again, it limits the palette of colors somewhat.

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PinkBerry and TigerLilly

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