Team Colors

Let these dynamic colors get your head right into the game. The Team Colors collection features three highly pigmented vegan mineral powders: Karat Kick, Violet Violation, and Purple Punter.

A small business born and cultivated in Baltimore, Monave wanted to celebrate the spirit of our city. Our football-inspired Team Colors are the perfect look for the big game. However, they are also truly beautiful colors that add a pop to everyday wear.

Even if you are not a football fan or a local to Baltimore, it is easy to fall in love with these vegan mineral powders. Karat Kick is a cool gold unlike any others in our line. Wear it as a shimmering eyeshadow or apply as a highlighter for a fresh look. Purple Punter and Violet Violation perfectly complement each other. Layer them to create depth and definition on your eyelids. However, they are also a great option to pair with an array of other colors for a fun, fresh, and funky look.

Formulated and crafted right here in Baltimore, we work hard to assure that our vegan mineral powders are made with eco-friendly and ethical ingredients. All of our products are safe for the skin and gluten-free and won’t do any harm to the environment.

Apply Team Colors dry to yield a dusty and colorful powder. Blend with other shades around the eyes, or dust on cheeks for a spirited glow. Apply wet to create a smooth, deep pigment – perfect to paint on your game face. Also, apply wet with an angled brush to create a unique eyeliner to complete your game day look.

Whether you are celebrating your team spirit or adding a bit of color to your everyday look, our Team Colors will add that extra kick you’re looking for.


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