Versatile Powder Violet Violation


While reminiscent of Purple Punter, this organic mineral powder is a softer offering of purple that will still offer a blush of fresh color. Monave is a proud member of the Baltimore community, and we love to honor the aspects of our city that we all truly enjoy. The soft blues and reds in this shade combine perfectly to create a stunning and gentle violet color, with flecks of silver that simply shimmer in the light. This eco-friendly mineral powder is perfect for someone looking for a purple shade that is a bit lighter and more natural than Purple Punter; however, this color also complements Purple Punter and can be used in conjunction with it to create a colorful smokey eye. Or, use it to add a bit of flowery color to our more intense Karat Kick. If you want to get your head really into the game, branch out by using this color as a highlighter or even a fun blush that will make you stand out in the crowd.

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