Silver to Neutral Versatile Mineral Powders

These silver to neutral versatile mineral powders feature a broad stretch of essential shades. Thus, these shades are perfect to create neutral palates or more dynamic make-up looks. You will certainly find a few of these organic mineral powders to be staples in your make-up arsenal.

Organic versatile powders are the perfect tool to add depth and creativity to your daily routine. Our silver to neutral versatile mineral powders offers the basics of color and everything in between. Add a hint of magic to your eyes with our shimmering Silver. In contrast, blend Sabotage into your creases for depth or around your eyes for a look that is sure to make a statement. Gentle colors like Seafoam and Lavender Pearl offer neutrality for a more natural look. However, shades like Mirage and Hypnotic add dimension or complete a look that truly stands out from the rest.

Our organic versatile powders are handmade by us. Therefore, they are unique to our brand. The array of colors we offer will indulge your creativity and facilitate a number of looks. Also, our ingredients are all-natural and ethically procured. These organic mineral powders are also gluten-free and vegan. The shimmer in these powders is created by child labor free mica, which is safe for skin and the environment.

All of these mineral powders are, indeed, versatile! When dry, apply them to eyes for easy blending. Apply shades such as Black or Titan wet with an angled brush for a beautiful liner. White Sparkle adds a bump of shimmer over any shade or adds a dusty glimmer to cheeks or shoulders.

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