Versatile Powder #45 Sea Foam


Be ready to conjure mythical images of irresistible mermaids and ocean squalls when you don this dreamy green powder. The gentle green of this mineral powder is undercut with a mellow silver and sparkles just like the sun against rippling waves thanks to the child labor free mica. The little mermaid was turned to sea foam in the original telling of the tale, and we’ve managed to capture the beauty and elegance of that age-old story in this beautiful powder. Allow yourself to embrace your own free spirit and lust for adventure when you apply this green mineral powder made with child labor free mica to your eyes, and pair it with blues and purples to really bring out your inner mermaid. Or you can surround it with browns and neutrals and let your natural spirit reign! And you can rest assured that the elegant sparkle created with our child labor free mica is also completely natural and won’t cause any harm to your ocean friends when you are ready to wash it away.

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