Versatile Powder Smokey Opal


Opal is a stunning gemstone that has captured the heart of lapidarists everywhere. Its unique qualities result in a play of color that reflects all the hues on the spectrum, and it’s no surprise that this awe-inspiring gemstone has inspired one of our most beautiful shades! This smooth smokey gray is beautiful on its own, but our addition of child labor free mica really gives it shine. Flecks of silver catch the light in ways that make it look silver, pink, purple, or green in various light sources, giving it an ethereal quality that recalls the beauty of opal. The child labor free mica gives this neutral mineral powder a punch that brings it beyond a normal neutral color and is sure to enchant you with its beauty. This is the perfect mineral powder to complete a smokey eye, creating a luxurious shadow that will allure and inspire. You can also blend this mineral powder lightly for a slightly gray covering on eyelids that allows the sparkle to really stand out. Whenever you wear this mineral powder, you will also know that the child labor free mica we use to create the stunning play of color has been ethically sourced and is safe not only for your skin, but for the environment.

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