It’s summer, and bronzers are a beautiful way to add warmth to skin that still has a pale tinge from long winters. I often field questions from crafters asking how to make bronzers.

The easiest way to make a  bronzer is to  start with a loose mineral foundation. Choose one that has a tan or warm terra cotta, or brown tone, ideally two-three shades darker than your skin tone. An inexpensive foundation to use as the starting base is the Monave Economy Foundation.

This foundation line has a light, silky texture, due to a higher content of serecite than the heavier forms of foundation. This is an ideal texture with which to start, as a bronzer should be light, silky and easy to apply.

The next step is to choose mica powders to add to the foundation base.

An interference pigment is a beautiful addition. Two great ones for bronzers are Interference Gold, for wamer bronzers, or Interference Red for pinker bronzers. These add a beautiful soft glow to the cheeks.

The second set of mica pigments add the sun-kissed color a bronzer should have.


  • Place 4 scoops of the mineral foundation of your choice in a small plastic or metal dish
  • Add one scoop of interference mica  pigment
  • Add one scoop of bronze or copper mica pigment

Blend well with a spatula until the three shades are well mixed. They can be placed in a Ziploc baggie as well and shaken vigorously. A battery-operated mini herbal grinder is another way to blend the pigments together for a uniform texture.

Test the finished powder on your hand. If it is too shiny for your taste, add, a scoop at a time, more of the foundation powder. If you desire more pearlescence, add one scoop at a time the bronze or copper pigment.

If you would like a thinner texture, some serecite mica can be added once scoop at a time and blended well.

This finished product can be applied either with a round headed powder brush for a more pearlescent application, or with a flat-headed bronzer brush for a contoured, or less shiney application.

Mineral Makeup Powder Bronzer


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