Rainbow Goddess Sparkles

Do you ever wonder what happens to your glitter makeup at the end of the day? When you wash your face or shower, all of that glitter goes down the drain and into the water. It is unlikely that you use ocean safe glitter; quite the opposite, because micro-plastics make up most glitter. As a result, hundreds of thousands of tons of micro-plastics end up in the ocean every year. This build-up damages our waters and the plants and animals that live there.

However, we created our Rainbow Goddess Sparkles to make a difference. Crafted from the finest refractive pigments, these delicate glitters are made of natural minerals and micas. They are drawn from nature and thus return to their rightful place when washed away.

Rainbow Goddess Sparkles evoke daydreams of the magickal fae, mysterious mermaids, and ancient lands. To honor the waters these organic glitters protect, we’ve named each color after a Water Goddess: Aphrodite (Blue), Malalia (Pink), Mazu (Violet), Namaka (Green), and Tefnut (Gold).

The rainbow of colors offers striking variety for any reason or season. Every sparkle captures a part of the rainbow and catches the light elegantly. Housed in a small shaker jar with reclosable sifters contain any mess, so you can easily slip them in a purse or pocket to take to a festival or party. Gently tap this ocean safe glitter onto your cheeks, shoulders, or arms to bring an extra sparkle to your aura. You can also pair them with their respective Mousse Rainbow Goddess Hilighter.

These stunning glitters celebrate the Goddesses in all of us, as well as bring awareness to the plight of our waterways.

Mini Wiconi!

Together, we will protect and heal our planet.

Net weight: 2.1 grams

Volume: 2.1 ml

Ingredients: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides.

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