Malalia Rainbow Goddess Sparkles


The sensation of swimming beneath the water, glimpsing shadows of coral reefs and bright fish passing by will overwhelm the senses within the flecks of this rich sparkle. This earth and skin safe glitter will stun you with its red and pink hues. The light catches the sparkle at every angle, igniting your skin with a pop of allure and adventure. Malalia is a gorgeous glitter that offers rich and complex tones.

This sparkle will arrive in a jar with a recloseable shaker. The perfect size for purses and pockets ensures that you can carry it along to a party or to share with friends! The versatility of this glitter is endless. Apply it to eyes and face for a blushy glow that catches the light. Or sprinkle on skin or even hair to add fun and dimension to your look! Also pair with matching Malalia Whipped Mousse Hilight for an intensified look.

Glitter is a fun addition to skin, but it is a serious threat to our waterways. The micro-plastics in glitter end up in the ocean, building up to tons over time and doing irreversible harm to ecosystems. At Monave, we strive to ensure that our customers receive non-toxic, organic, and earth-friendly cosmetics. Rainbow Goddess Sparkles are an organic, mineral-based, safe glitter for skin and for the planet. Let your inner goddess shine through, and know that you are protecting our environment at the same time!

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