Aphrodite Rainbow Goddess Sparkles


The soft hues of blue and lavender dance on the skin with this sparkle powder made with child labor free mica. Aphrodite, also known as Venus to the Romans, was the symbol of love and beauty. However, she was also a goddess of the sea, rising from its tumultuous waves as a fully formed deity. Sprinkling this glitter on your skin will also make you feel like you are a goddess ascending from the waves.

This versatile powder comes in a convenient re-closable shaker, perfect for on-the-go use at a party or festival. The large flecks of child labor free mica catch the light from every angle which creates a breath-taking shimmer over skin. This cool-toned glitter is perfect for adding a pop of color to a stunning nighttime look or a casual breezy afternoon. Try it on the eyelids, face, and body for a delicate shimmer. Also, you could pair this glitter with our Aphrodite Mousse Hilighter for a more intense pop of color.

Much glitter found in make-up is made of unethically sourced and potentially materials and filled with micro-plastics. Micro-plastics are a danger to our waters, as they build-up in the ocean over time, threatening wildlife and ecosystems. Our glitters are lovingly handmade and consciously formulated to be kind to skin and the enviorment. Protect your health and our waterways with our beautiful Rainbow Goddess Sparkles!

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