Aphrodite Mousse Hilight & Sparkle Powder Duo


Enjoy double the fun with this discounted Rainbow Goddess Duo Set! It contains one small jar of Aphrodite Mousse Rainbow Goddess Hilight and one small shaker jar of Aphrodite Rainbow Goddess Sparkles. This eco-friendly glitter set is created with child labor free mica makeup.

The soft hues of blue and lavender fully encompass Aphrodite in this delicate hilighter made with child labor free mica makeup. Aphrodite, also known as Venus to the Romans, was the symbol of love and beauty. But she was also a goddess of the sea, having risen from its tumultuous waves as a fully formed deity. Bring forth the goddess inside of you with this stunning hilighter. With a creamy mousse base, the stunning blue shimmer applied silky-soft. This cool-toned hilighter will conjure dreams of wild oceans and breezy days. Apply under eyes or to cheeks with a brush for a fresh look that will catch the light. To really amp up your look, apply the Aphrodite Sparkle Powder on top of the Hilight for a gorgeous glitter finish!

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