Namaka Mousse Hilight & Sparkle Powder Duo


Enjoy double the fun with this discounted Rainbow Goddess Duo Set! It contains one small jar of Namaka Mousse Rainbow Goddess Hilight and one small shaker jar of Namaka Rainbow Goddess Sparkles. This eco-friendly glitter set is a perfect addition to your makeup collection.

Experience the excitement of exploring lush greenery creeping towards open waters. This hypnotizing hilight features touches of green eco-friendly glitter. The powerful water energy of Namaka, the Hawaiin goddess of the sea, inspires the green hues in this elegant hilight. This hilight is somewhat translucent; yet also, the green shades catch the light in glimmers of impossible depth. Thus, these hues evoke images of seaweed floating on the shimmering sea. Eco-friendly glitter mixed into a silky mousse base creates a luscious application against the skin. Apply under eyes or on cheeks with a brush for a pop of gorgeous green. Embrace your inner water goddess with the exquisite shine of this hilight. Because the Namaka Sparkle Powder is loose glitter, apply it on shoulders, hair, or cheeks. Or apply on top of the hilight for a gorgeous glitter finish!

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