Oshun Mousse Hilight & Tefnut Sparkle Powder Duo


Enjoy double the fun with this discounted Rainbow Goddess Duo Set! It contains one small jar of Oshun Mousse Rainbow Goddess Hilight and one small shaker jar of Tefnut Rainbow Goddess Sparkles. This earth friendly glitter set is a perfect addition to your makeup collection.

In this set, we paired the rich copper tones with dazzling gold glitter to create the perfect combination of goddesses.

The flawless sheen of this earth friendly hilight exudes divinity. The Yoruba of Nigeria revere the goddess Oshun. She is not only the goddess of the ocean; she also presides over love and purity. Of course, this regal hilight is appropriate to honor such a powerful goddess. The silky mousse base of this hilight features swaths of rich copper hues. Made with earth friendly minerals and creams, this hilight is beautiful and kind to skin. The gold-copper sheen dances in the light and will give a rich, tanned glow. Apply with a brush under eyes and to cheeks for splendid depth worthy of a goddess herself.

The loose glitter included in this set is Tefnut, named for the Egyptian goddess. This sparkling ocean safe glitter shimmers like raindrops. Anoint yourself like a goddess by brushing this loose glitter over cheeks, shoulders, or hair. Apply over Oshun hilight to create a chunkier sparkle. Mixed together, these colors will create the effect of delicate rose gold.

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