Mousse Rainbow Goddess Hilight & Sparkle Powder Duo Sets

We are excited to introduce our new Mousse Rainbow Goddess Hilight & Sparkle Powder Duo Sets!

These cute sets come with a jar of our Mousse Rainbow Goddess Hilights and a matching shaker jar of our new Rainbow Goddess Sparkles!

These products bend the light when applied to the skin, and shine with the colors of the rainbow!

The Mousse Rainbow Goddess Hilights are richly pigmented, with a whipped mousse texture and semi-matte finish, while the Rainbow Goddess Sparkles are eco, ocean-friendly glitters that sparkle in the light. The Rainbow Goddess Sparkles are perfect for applying on top of the Hilights for a glitter finish, or use these two products independently on the cheeks and face for achieving different looks.

Named after Water Goddesses, their magical rainbow tones of blue, green, copper, violet, and pink, each embody a different goddess that inspires and empowers us to be true to our inner Goddess.

Net Weight of Small Shaker Jar (Rainbow Goddess Sparkles): 2 grams

Net Weight of Small Jar (Mousse Rainbow Goddess Hilight): 5 grams

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