Mousse Rainbow Goddess Hilight & Sparkle Powder Duo Sets

Welcome our new Mousse Rainbow Goddess Hilight & Sparkle Powder Duo Sets! These sets include a jar of our Mousse Rainbow Goddess Hilights and a matching shaker of our new eco friendly glitter, Rainbow Goddess Sparkles. These products bend the light and shine with the colors of the rainbow!

Mousse Rainbow Goddess Hilights are richly pigmented. They feature a whipped mousse texture and semi-matte finish. The Rainbow Goddess Sparkles are an eco friendly glitter that sparkles in the light. Because these products beautifully complement each other, they are a perfect set. Apply the sparkle on hilights for a glitter finish. Conversely, use these two products independently on the cheeks, face, shoulders, or even hair to achieve unique and magical looks.

We named each color in our Rainbow Goddess line for a Water Goddess: Malalia (Pink), Mazu (Violet), Namaka (Green), Tefnut (Gold), Oshun (Copper), and Aphrodite (Blue). This rainbow of color inspires us to be true to our inner Goddess.

This line also represents what is important to Monave: the safety and preservation of our environment. Most glitters are made with micro-plastics. When washed away, they end up in the ocean. Because of this, hundreds of thousands of micro-plastics build up in our water every year. Our Rainbow Goddess Hilights and Sparkles use ocean safe glitter. Natural minerals and child labor free mica form this stunning glitter. Since our materials come from the environment, they will not harm the environment. They are non-toxic, vegan, and gluten-free. When you wear the Rainbow Goddess Sparkle line, you can know that you are protecting our waters and honoring the goddesses the preside over them.

Net Weight of Small Shaker Jar (Rainbow Goddess Sparkles): 2 grams

Net Weight of Small Jar (Mousse Rainbow Goddess Hilight): 5 grams

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