Mazu Mousse Hilight & Sparkle Powder Duo


Enjoy double the fun with this discounted Rainbow Goddess Duo Set! It contains one small jar of Mazu Mousse Rainbow Goddess Hilight and one small shaker jar of Mazu Rainbow Goddess Sparkles. This ocean safe glitter set is a perfect addition to your makeup collection.

You will dream of mermaids and magic with the mythical quality of this hilight. Named for Mazu, the Chinese goddess of the sea, this hilight features a pop of violet ocean safe glitter. The cool shade is shimmers in direct light. However, the shades of violet in this ocean safe glitter become almost translucent at some angles. Mazu is said to roam the sea and protect fishermen and sailors alike through miraculous interventions. Because of this, the cheerful violet tones in this hilight are sure to make you think of magic and miracles. Apply this hilight with a brush beneath eyes and cheeks for a hint of enchanting color. Apply the Mazu Sparkle Powder on shoulders, hair, or cheeks for more sparkle. Or apply on top of the hilight for a gorgeous glitter finish!

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