Malalia Mousse Hilight & Sparkle Powder Duo


Enjoy double the fun with this discounted Rainbow Goddess Duo Set! It contains one small jar of Malalia Mousse Rainbow Goddess Hilight and one small shaker jar of Malalia Rainbow Goddess Sparkles. This mineral glitter set is a perfect addition to your makeup collection.

Picture the muted hues of coral underneath crystal waves. Or hidden treasures in sunken ships. The hints of red mineral glitter in Malalia will light your imagination aflame. Our Goddess line is inspired by visions of the ocean. The warm hues of this hilight will add a touch of color and shine. This hilighter features a creamy mousse base that hydrates and softens the skin. Hues of pink, peach, and red catch the light. The red mineral glitter pops, hinting at adventure and beauty. Apply with a brush under the eyes or on the cheeks for a goddess-like glow. Also, like all our products, Malalia hilighter is organic, vegan, and safe for the oceans. Apply the Malalia Sparkle Powder on shoulders, hair, or cheeks for more sparkle. Or apply on top of the hilight for a gorgeous glitter finish!

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