Mazu Rainbow Goddess Sparkles


This eco-friendly glitter conjures images of mythical proportions! Named in honor of Mazu, the Chinese Goddess of the ocean, this distinct violet captures gazes and imaginations. Cool-toned and yet vivid, symphonies of pink and purple glimmer beautifully in the light! Mazu Rainbow Sparkles are reminiscent of a colorful mermaid’s tail and captivating hues of a seaside sunset.

Because it comes in a small jar with a convenient reclosable shaker, Mazu Rainbow Goddess Sparkle is the perfect accessory at festivals and parties. Tap out the glitter and glitz up a night on the town with friends! For example, add to eyelids, cheeks, or neck for a bit of mystifying sparkle. Shake onto hair for a dimensional look. Pair this eco-friendly glitter with Mazu Mousse Hilight to intensify the violet shimmer.

Our Rainbow Goddess Sparkles are named for Water Goddesses. This is because we wanted to honor the sanctity of our oceans and waterways. Micro-plastics primarily create glitter. Over time they build up in our waters, endangering life and eco-systems. At Monave, we strive to create quality, non-toxic, and eco-friendly products, and our glitter is no different! Our Rainbow Goddess Sparkles are made from ethically sourced minerals that will not harm the environment when returned to the earth.

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